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Branding for Agribusiness

Branding for Agribusiness

The Most Essential Tool For Branding Your Agribusiness

No matter the size of your organization, branding is absolutely the #1 most important tool to have in your arsenal. The branding of your business is what sets the tone for your work, your staff/team, and your clientele. This is why we strongly advise that every ag-focused business have a brand standards guide at the ready for any and all opportunities.

What is a Brand Standards Guide?

You may have heard of a brand style guide, a brand book, or a brand guide before. These are the same as what we refer to as your brand standards guide. Your brand standards guide is a document that contains all of your branding elements — your colors, fonts, logo, sizing of your elements, and so on. 

What Is It Used For?

When you have a brand standards guide, it will make any future collaboration or content creation seamless. This document can be handed off to any affiliate that will be using any element of your branding on their materials. For example, say your business is sponsoring an event. You can hand your brand standards guide off to the agency that will be putting together the marketing materials for the event. This will ensure that your logo and other elements will be properly represented in their materials. Without this document, the individual putting together the marketing materials will be left to guess the correct color, font style, and other branding elements of your business. This puts your organization at risk of being represented in a way that is inconsistent with the brand that you’ve built.

Your brand standards guide can also be helpful when hiring new content creators or agency partners. Having a brand standards guide gives writers, designers, and other creators an understanding of your brand that they may not get from other clients. When content creators understand your brand, it will ensure that they are able to create on-brand messaging that will properly represent your business’s mission. It also saves you time and effort, as you will not have to sit through numerous meetings and calls to get your branding across. Instead, you’ll have this handy document at the ready to do all of the explaining for you!

How Do I Get a Brand Standards Guide?

If you’re in need of a brand standards guide, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Whether you’re in need of a complete rebranding, or simply need to assemble a guide using your current branding, our expert designers will be happy to help you out.

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