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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

What Can Video Do For Your Business?

As an ag-focused business, you may be wondering “why would I ever use video marketing?” In fact, video marketing has proved beneficial for industries all across the board, including agriculture.

Here’s Why:

Video is seen as the “content king” of the internet right now. As such, social media algorithms are favoring video content above all other forms of content, such as text and video. If you post a video on your social media channel, you are posting the best type of content to increase your reach potential.

YouTube is also the second most popular search engine on the internet right now. Yes, you read that right. YouTube is a search engine! If you have something to share with your audience, speaking to them through a video will help you convey your message to them in an easily-digestible way. As a bonus, the personal touch of a video can also increase the viewer’s trust in you, as opposed to reading text as they are scrolling through their social media feeds or search results. 

Other Benefits:

Creating videos for your audience can also help you reach targeted audiences who may not be fluent in your language. YouTube provides the capability to translate your videos into other languages, making it easier than ever for you to provide your message to those who do not speak your language. This is especially helpful for agribusinesses who deal with international clientele.

What Video Topics Are Relevant?

When we suggest video marketing, we’re not talking about a full, over-the-top production! Your videos may be as simple as a steady-cam video of one of your members speaking about their services, background, or other topics that may be relevant to your audience. 

Some examples include:

  • Explaining how your product or service can solve some of the common challenges your audience faces
  • Providing a run down of various resources available to your community
  • Detailing the general process of conserving farmland

To further discuss how video marketing may benefit your agribusiness, contact us today. 

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