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7 Reasons to Make Time for Email Marketing

Organizations that support agriculture are lean teams (sometimes of one) with a lot of irons in the fire. Farmers and those running agricultural businesses are often too busy keeping the business alive – literally – and getting your hands dirty to sit down at a keyboard. But if you can carve out a bit of time or reallocate some resources, it will more than pay you back. Using email to reach customers is a valuable, verifiably effective strategy to boost your agricultural business or organization.

What is it about email that makes it so effective that four out of five marketing professionals would rather give up social media than email marketing? That is an impressive statistic, given the current emphasis on social media marketing. And 77% of respondents to a marketing survey said that email is one of their TOP TWO most effective marketing channels. (2020 State of Email Report by Litmus) Let’s look at seven reasons why it is worth the time.

  1. It’s personal and customizable
    Email is more personal than ads: you can speak directly to that individual (even though you send to many individuals at a time). You can address the recipient by name. You can segment your list and tailor content to specific interests or types of audience members. The perceived personal connection builds relationships with current and potential clients and customers.
  2. It’s targeted – and welcomed
    The recipients have expressed a willingness to hear from you, so they are much more likely to pay attention to your message. Such emails are received more positively than unwanted ads or unsolicited posts. Relevance is important in getting people to act: If the email is about something that interests or pertains to them, they are much more likely to open it and act.
  3. It accommodates more content
    No crafting your message to 140 characters, no shaping your post to fit in three lines before the break for “more…” emails provide more room for you to craft the content you want and control the way it appears.
  4. It’s measurable
    Email marketing provides some great metrics which in turn provide insight into its effectiveness and opportunities. Key metrics include the open rate, response rate, and conversion rate, but even data like number of shares and click-through’s are good indicators.
  5. It’s universal and heavily used
    While social media use is exploding, your audience is not all using the same platform. They are distributed among different social media sites, with varying levels of use and attention. But nearly everyone has an email account. The number of email users worldwide is 4 billion in 2020, and email usage penetration in the U.S. is 90%. ( Americans spend an average of 143 minutes each weekday checking email (2019 Adobe Email Usage survey) and check their phones an average of 80 times a day – even on vacation. (Asurion survey, 2018)
  6. It’s affordable
    Email marketing is inexpensive compared to other marketing tactics. There are many different email marketing platforms that are free (like MailChimp), offer free options (like SendinBlue), or are scalable and inexpensive (like Constant Contact).
  7. It provides great ROI
    “From selling products to nurturing leads, to increasing website traffic and moving consumers along your desired buyer’s journey, email is an essential tool for creating brand awareness and promoting your business, all while returning $36 for every $1 spent.” (Fall 2020 State of Email Report by Litmus) (If you use a free email solution, think of the return in terms of the monetary value of your time spent.)

How do you maximize its effectiveness?

In short, you need a robust list of subscribers’ email addresses, engaging content ideas, and enough of a strategic approach to do some testing, tweaking, and analyzing performance. In our next post, we’ll share some tips on how to approach those key aspects of effective email marketing.

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