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Should farms and agribusiness be active on social media?

Stay top-of-mind.

Social media is an integral component of a agricultural marketing strategy, designed to keep your organization top-of-mind in your community.

Sure, your farm or agribusiness probably isn’t going to be active on popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn. However, there are social media platforms that can be incredibly valuable for farms and agriculture-based businesses. Instagram, in particular, is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. 

Keeping an active presence on social media platforms can boost your brand awareness, website traffic, and SEO efforts. Ag-specific social media strategies should be targeted, appropriate, and resourceful. 

We will partner with you to create a strategy to elevate your organization’s presence in the community. To learn more about what social media marketing services are appropriate for your organization, contact us today.  

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Stoneledge Farm

Stoneledge Farm in Greene County, New York offers one of the largest, longest-running and most successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in New York City and its surrounding areas. For 24 weeks between June and November, the farm delivers its own organically grown vegetables and other sourced products, such as fruit, mushrooms and dry beans.

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